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Galaxy S5 Prime

Galaxy S5 Prime

thay man hinh iphone xThe Samsung Galaxy S5.
Steve Kovach/Business Insider

It's looking even more likely that Samsung will launch a new premium version of its Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone next month.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group's, which certifies Bluetooth devices, posted a listing
 (first spotted by GSM Arena
) that refers to an unnamed Samsung device with a model number similar to that of the current Galaxy S5.

The Samsung device that's just been Bluetooth certified has a model number of SM-G906L, which hints that it could be a variant of the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900A for the U.S.). 

The device is believed to be called the Galaxy S5 Prime, although Samsung has yet to confirm such a phone. The Prime is believed to come with a 2560 Thay man hinh iphone x 1440 resolution display, which would make it one of the sharpest smartphone screens on the market.

It would contend with LG's upcoming G3 flagship smartphone
, which will have that exact same resolution. The Prime also may come with a slightly faster processor than the chip found in the standard Galaxy S5.