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Manuka Honey, something that's uniquely from New Zealand, has seen its recognition soar in recent times with press articles around the globe mentioning the natural therapeutic properties which have been discovered within it.

What many of these press articles have failed to mention is that not all manuka honey is the same. It is one of the elements of being a natural product, that there are fairly a range of natural variations within the high quality, and more importantly the efficiency of it.

The principle factor contributing to the publicity is that SOME manuka honey has been found to contain an additional natural antibacterial properties that make this honey significantly good as either a well being supplement for digestive problems, coughs and colds, and also for therapeutic wounds.

In reality, it is only some manuka honey that incorporates this antibacterial property, and even then it naturally varies in potency. Just a function of mother nature.

As the press publicity has seen a surge in demand for folks wanting to use this honey around the world, so have people been eager to offer the availability to meet that demand.

However as the press articles have not always noted that just some manuka honey accommodates the extra antibacterial properties, it has made it simpler to for some folks to promote low quality, low stage activity honey to prepared consumers.

If you're just wanting some honey to put on your toast, or to add to a hot drink, then it isn't necessary to you, and you're best to make use of the atypical manuka honey which shall be a lot cheaper. It is fine for this purpose.

When you find yourself considering manuka honey as a result of research supporting its use, and wish to use it for the antibacterial properties, then it turns into much more essential that you find yourself product that does genuinely comprise its said antibacterial level.

Happily because of the work of the significant New Zealand manuka honey suppliers, by way of the Energetic Manuka Honey Affiliation of New Zealand - AMHA, there is an established industry high quality mark to aid you.

This is the UMF® trademark. Solely that honey which meets the quality requirements of AMHA and has been correctly tested for its antibacterial activity is allowed to use bee pollen this UMF® mark.

There may be an ongoing audit program of processing and testing of UMF® honey executed by AMHA, which gives you with confidence a jar of manuka honey carrying the UMF® mark does include the claimed stage of antibacterial properties.

All it's worthwhile to do is look for the UMF® mark on the precise jar of honey, not just the advertising.

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